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Reservation and cancellation policy

Reservation policy:

   1. You may make a reservation in writing, by telephone, fax, email, or by filling out our reservation form on our web page. We recommend all clients to include their telephone numbers in case we need to contact you.
   2. A reservation is confirmed once the Pension sends a written confirmation.
   3. The Hotel will ask for a deposit by credit card to guarantee the first night's accommodation.
   4. The Guest will be asked to provide accurate information about their credit cards to complete the reservation deposit. If the client refuses, then the Pension cannot guarantee the room. In the event that a Guest does not have a credit card, the Pension will require a bank transfer. If the credit card transaction is canceled by the card issuer's bank, the reservation will be canceled. The Hotel will inform the Guest of any problems with their reservation deposit by email at least 24 hours before arrival.
   5. Accommodation is paid for in cash or by credit card at Pension reception.
   6. The Guest will pay for their accommodation before check-out, minus deposit paid.

Hours of operation:

   1. The Guest is required to arrive at Pension reception by 5pm. If a Guest will arrive later than 5pm , arrangements must be made with the receptionist. If the Guest is later than 4pm and does not make any prior arrangements with the receptionist, the Pension might: cancel the reservation, offer the room to someone else, and/or keep the deposit.
   2. Check-out is at 10,30 am.

Cancellation policy:

   1. The following cancellation policy regards cancellations made by the Guest.
   2. The Hotel will not charge a penalty for a cancellation made up to 3 days before arrival.
          * Individual reservations
                o The Hotel will not charge a penalty for cancellations made in writing, email, or fax 3 days before intended arrival.
                o Reservations canceled less than 3 days before arrival will be charged a cancellation fee equal to the first night's accommodation. 
         * Group reservations
                o The Hotel will charge a cancellation fee for reservations canceled from 29 to 3 days before arrival for a group of more than 10 people. The cancellation fee will equal the price of the group's accommodation for one night.
                o If a group cancels less than 3 days before arrival, the Hotel will charge a cancellation fee equal to the total price of their accommodation for the number of nights reserved.
   3. If a cancellation is made due to extenuating circumstances, (death in the family, hospitalization, illness, natural disaster, etc) we will not charge a cancellation fee. In this case, the Guest is required to provide written proof of such circumstances within 3 days of the occurrence. If a cancellation is made due to extenuating circumstances, it may be possible to change the date of reservation without penalty.
   4. The Pension will provide the Guest proof of cancellation fees rendered, with a copy of credit card details or bank statements.

last updated 01.01.2010